UNLTD Media & Events Takes Over Scene PG magazine

When I started attending college nearly a decade ago, I had a vision. I had a lot of friends who were artists and musicians and I wanted to help them reach as many eyes and ears as possible. I always had a love for magazines (and comics!) for as long as I can remember. It seemed like Prince George was missing a piece of itself and that piece was support of the arts and entertainment scene in our city in the shape of a magazine. It became a dream of mine to be the person who created this magazine and I spent a lot of time researching exactly how I would do it. Part of the way through the Writing & New Media program at the College of New Caledonia, I left to pursue what I thought was an opportunity I could not pass up as a liquor rep. But I never let go of the dream. It always lingered. It was present during my career as a liquor rep. It hung around when I owned and operated my own comedy club. It kept with me through my darkest days and it was a driving force to working hard to getting a job at the Prince George Citizen newspaper.

When I started at the Citizen, I wanted to work long enough to learn the craft of print publishing and move on to start my own magazine. As I worked my way through the role of print advertising rep, I realized that there was a lot more work than I had anticipated in publishing a magazine … and a lot more risk. My family was young and we were not in a position to take the risk of leaving a prosperous position at the Citizen to start a magazine with a lot of variables to success attached. So, I decided to stay at the Citizen and create an arts and entertainment magazine under their umbrella. This is how the Scene PG was born. I had been with the newspaper for just over a year when I pitched, planned and executed the first issue of the magazine. I had a lot to learn about working with others – the designers, the writers, the photographer, the featured artists. It was well received, but it was not exactly what I had envisioned. So I did another issue …and another…and another… and suddenly, it was 6 years later.

During that time, the Scene PG has reached tens of thousands of readers, featured over a hundred artists and musicians, and seen . Featured artists became contributors to the magazine and we changed the face of it with a complete rebrand.  Since then, the Scene PG has won multiple national awards and I am proud of the brand it has become for arts and entertainment in our city.

When I left the Citizen to open UNLTD Media & Events, one of the hardest things I faced was leaving the Scene PG behind. I am extremely lucky that I still have a great relationship with the Citizen and we are still working on a few projects together (ask anyone there – I linger….). Part of this great relationship involves reviewing new and existing opportunities. Well – something absolutely fantastic happened last week.  My partners at the Citizen and I came to a monumental agreement regarding the Scene PG. Effective immediately, UNLTD Media & Events is assuming complete control of the Scene PG magazine. We agreed that my passion was part of what helped build the success of the magazine and we both wanted to see it grow under the more concentrated effort that I can provide through UNLTD Media & Events.  The Citizen will remain our partners on the Scene PG in a few different capacities – sales, circulation, some creative.  

It took a few days for it to really set in but I feel like this is my dream of starting my own magazine becoming a reality.  So what’s next?  I will be recreating the Scene PG . Remember I told you earlier that it was never quite what I had envisioned? That vision has evolved over the years – sculpted by reader feedback of the issues we produced. I am using this improved vision to completely redesign the magazine. Size and format will change. Articles will be longer and there will be a little more risk taken in our reporting. The UNLTD Media & Events team will be doing a full rebrand of the magazine and it will have everyone talking. I can promise you this – the new Scene PG magazine will be spectacular. 

- Norm Coyne | Owner/Director | UNLTD Media & Events  | Cell: 250 640-6670 | Email: normcoyne@unltd.me