Kelowna Comic Con Attracts Stars from Star Trek, Walking Dead

Star Trek: Next Generation favorite Denise Crosby will appear at Kelowna Comic Con Aug.25 & 26

Star Trek: Next Generation favorite Denise Crosby will appear at Kelowna Comic Con Aug.25 & 26

- Chris Dias, July 23/2018

For too long Kelowna has been denied a full-sized, no-holds-barred comic convention the likes of which already seen elsewhere in the province.  Events such as these have been the mainstay of larger cities like Vancouver for years.  Even Prince George, a city with half the population is moving onto its fifth year with Northern FanCon—an event drawing over 10,000 people annually and hosting such celebrity guests as Kevin Smith, Sean Astin, and William Shatner.  Kelowna is blessed with a substantial outlying population, with over 150,000 people hailing from nearby towns like Penticton, Vernon, and Summerland.  Kelowna is long overdue for an event able to match that of other cities in Western Canada.

Best selling comic artist Matt Banning will be on hand for commissions at Kelowna Comic Con

Best selling comic artist Matt Banning will be on hand for commissions at Kelowna Comic Con

On August 25th and 26th, Kelowna will host its 2nd annual Comic-Con, aptly named the Kelowna Comic-Con, and has already gathered an impressive first slate of guests including Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Denise Crosby and The Walking Dead’s Vincent Ward.  Creative guests include the legendary Andy Poon (concept artist from CW’s Arrow, Flash & DC’s Legend’s of Tomorrow), Matt Banning (New York Times best selling comic book Inker/Artist – Superman/Batman, New Avengers), Diana Greenhalgh (Inker/Illustrator – X-Men: Legacy, Upper Deck), and Aaron Harrison (costume builder for CW's Arrow and DC's Legends of Tomorrow). 

Not to be outdone, the Comic Con will also feature several noteworthy cosplayers like Evelyn13, Roze Masquerade, and Ethereal Ash with a couple more announcements coming including a top shelf prize for the cosplay contest...

"Kelowna is the largest city in BC without a show of this scale and with a population this size it deserves one,” says event organizer Michael Kay.  “Our goal is to create an unforgettable experience for attendees year in and year out.”

Kelowna is already a heart of social activity in August, hosting dozens of local wineries and one of the most magnificent lakeside beaches in the province, apt timing for such an event.  The organizers of the Kelowna Comic Con have their eyes set to organize a convention in keeping with its setting and have tapped Norm Coyne from UNLTD Media & Events in Prince George as a consultant to facilitate those aspirations. 


Norm is the lead organizer for the hugely successful Northern FanCon, a sprawling convention encompassing two full-sized stadiums over three days, an event punching well above its weight class for a town of its size.  Considering the success and attention Northern FanCon generates, one can only wonder what Norm and his crew can bring to the Kelowna Comic-Con.

The convention still has room for vendors and sponsors, all contributing to make the event the one Kelowna needs and deserves.  Ticket entrance is a reasonable $20 on Saturday, $15 on Sunday with children under 8 entering for free.  As for vendors, standard booths start at only $150 with artist alley spots at just $75.  I for one will be attending as well.

Yes, this is not some ethereally-sourced collection of words, but those formed from the mind of Chris Dias, an author also attending the Kelowna Comic-Con for the first time with a full-sized booth where I will be selling my complete collection, including the Kelowna premiere of my latest novel. 

Kelowna is becoming somewhat of a second home to me, often visiting to partake in the numerous sites, mostly the fantastic local wineries.  Now there’s another reason to visit, and I hope to make the Kelowna Comic Con my next yearly tradition.  It should be yours as well. 

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