The Secret Behind My True Purpose...

How many of you are making decisions with purpose? Are you living deliberately? Are you doing that thing that you should be doing? I am truly lucky. I never really knew how to express it before, but most of the things I have built and created in life have a reason behind them. It was not until this past May that I found the words to express exactly why it is that I do the things that I do. 

I had applied for a Storyhive grant to film a documentary short about Northern FanCon. The project would be shot before and during the second year of the event in 2016. Unfortunately, we did not win the grant. My team was disappointed and we went on about our preparation for FanCon. 

A while later, I received a surprising call from a media executive from Telus. Telus is the organization that funds Storyhive and he was intrigued by the story of my vision to create Northern FanCon. They offered to send a Telus Optik film crew (from Spotlight Productions)to cover the opening of the event and produce a documentary short. I was over the moon. We were going to have the chance to share our event and Prince George to an even broader audience. 

Opening day of the event was chaotic to say the least. We had tripled in size since year one and our team had three times the work. That morning, I had my interview with the Telus team Mia Jagpal & Dan Dumouchel. It was surreal. I had been interviewed before, but this shoot seemed more intimate to me. It was in my home to start and then moved on to one of my favorite spots in the city and then on to Northern FanCon.

The questions they asked me really made me think. I felt myself asking what is the true motivation behind the work that I do. What is the core reason that drives me to the projects that I love? Why did I create the Scene PG? Why did I create Northern FanCon? 

This reflection led me to the most profound insight. I developed these projects because I am passionate about creating moments. For the Scene PG, I built the magazine to connect artists to their audience and a sense of recognition - even if it was local. I wanted artists to be able to showcase their work and receive the accolades they deserve. For Northern FanCon, the event is entirely made of moments - fans meeting the stars they love, cosplayers becoming stars themselves, artists connecting with fans, exhibitors with unique offerings engaging with an audience. Even now, when I feel the words leave my mouth, I feel like I have uncovered my sense of purpose. I am passionate about making moments. 

This sense of purpose is why I founded  UNLTD Media & Events. I left an amazing career at the Prince George Citizen to start this company where I choose to make moments. I am taking partners not clients and I am working with them to make moments. Whether these moments are connecting them to their customers, or their dreams, or to build the business they have always wanted, this is the drive behind my team and our work at UNLTD Media & Events. Each day now, I get up and I am excited to get to work and make magic happen. My ability to make decisions has been come unbelievably clear because I know the reason why I am doing the work I am doing. Like saying - "I do"-  when I married the love of my life, I feel like I have put magic into the words that now live in my work - "I make moments".

Norm Coyne
UNLTD Media & Events