9am - Doors open
10am - (CNC) Lakeysha O’Neill Behind the CNC Brand Rebuild
11am - Dave Fuller Strategic Thinking: How to make The Best Decisions for Your Organization in times of Economic Downturn!
1pm - (CNC) Christina Blok Choose Your Own Adventure with Continuing Studies
3:00pm - KEYNOTE Terry O'Reilly If You Don’t Have A Story, You Don’t Have A Business
6:00:00 PM - Doors close


Terry O’Reilly

Terry O’Reilly

terry o’reilly
advertising expert, host of cbc’s Under the influence

PRESENTATION: If You Don’t Have A Story, You Don’t Have A Business
The company with the best story wins. This presentation is about the power of Storytelling. The smartest, most effective marketers in the world use storytelling to persuade. We are all hard-wired to love stories, and every product and service has a compelling story to tell. This talk helps your audience understand how to build stories and gives them the tools to start using storytelling in their own businesses. This presentation also includes powerful examples of Canadian and international marketing campaigns that used storytelling in surprising and enormously effective ways.

Terry speaks to companies and organizations on the power of marketing. A very passionate (and humorous) presenter, he has a unique and insightful viewpoint on what it takes to truly connect with customers in this day and age. He talks about the power of big ideas, and how those ideas can change perceptions and behaviour. His themes are applicable to any sector, as he focusses on the thinking behind effective campaigns, out-of-the-box strategic insights, how to create a powerful identity, why brands matter (big or small), and how to cut through the data smog with ideas that are impossible to ignore.




Dave Fuller

Dave Fuller

Strategic Thinking:  How to make The Best Decisions for Your Organization in times of Economic Downturn!

Economic challenges happen in every age. Currently there are rumblings of the effect of the mill closures, interest hikes, stock market volatility, government spending or personal debt crisis which at some point will affect every organization.  How is your business or organization prepared for changes in the economy?

This seminar will;

·         Help leaders think strategically to enable them to determine their best options for their organization during challenging times.

·         Provide a framework for making strategic decisions and reduce stress within your organization

·         Discuss how to Brainstorm strategic opportunities with your team to keep local businesses profitable and enable leaders to Earn More and Worry Less.


 Dave Fuller, has an MBA from UNBC and is an Award-Winning Professional Business Coach and author of the book Profit Yourself Healthy. Dave has 30 years experience running his own businesses through some tough times and several recessions. His passion now is to help business leaders who are struggling and stressed in operating their organizations.

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Behind the scenes of the rebrand journey at CNC

Hear inside details and lessons learned from the College of New Caledonia’s rebrand and website overhaul. A panel including members of the rebrand/redesign team answer questions about their process, challenges, and results of tackling large scale identity changes.


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College of New Caledonia

Choose Your Own Adventure with CNC!

Bring your smartphones and "Choose Your Own Adventure" with CNC Community and Continuing Education! This presentation will allow you, the audience, to choose from four small business themes; HR for Small Business, Strategic Planning: Goals for Success, Powerful Ways to Market Your Small Business, and Accounting Skills You Need for Your Business to Succeed, and then through audience voting, you decide which topic (under that theme) you want to learn more about from our subject matter experts.